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Welcome to the section of Applied Management

In 1993 the Section for Applied Management introduced the first of our commerce-based postgraduate diplomas.  Today we host three such diplomas along with a number of independent service courses.

Our postgraduate diplomas aim to provide quality education for anyone seeking to leave UCT with commercial skills, management competencies and insight in the disciplines of Entrepreneurship, Sports Management and Marketing


Course duration

Teaching on our EntrepreneurshipSports Management and Marketing. diplomas commence in February each year, and concludes by mid-October.  Exams are written at the end of each semester, usually in June and November, with successful candidates graduating in December. 

Application Process

Applications open at the start of August. We select students to attend our programs from a range of different educational backgrounds, cities and continents.  Due to the high volume, all applications undergo rigorous scrutiny in a selection process that is both strict and fair.  By mid-December, you should receive either a notice of acceptance or a letter of regret. 

Who we are looking for

Graduate students from all fields are welcome to apply.  On the postgraduate diplomas in entrepreneurship and marketing  we accept students from commerce and management disciplines as well as backgrounds as diverse as engineering, bio-engineering, arts and humanities, hospitality, health sciences and law.  Applicants for the diploma in sports management   typically have backgrounds in: 

  • Politics, philosophy and economics; sport and health sciences; film and media studies; social sciences, business sciences; environmental and geographical sciences.

Our students range in age from roughly 20 to 35, with an average age of 23.  To qualify for our programs you should have a recognized undergraduate degree or qualification at an NQF level 7 - or expect to graduate as such by the commencement of the following academic year.  

Students join us with qualifications from the Vega, the Red & Yellow school of advertising, etc. 
You are the right person to apply for our Postgraduate Diplomas if you have the following qualities:

  • You think and act independently and creatively.
  • You wish to carve out a career for yourself that fits closely with what you believe.
  • You are interested in seeking out solutions to key problems in our society.
  • You are dedicated to peace and to working at all times respectfully and responsibly.
  • You value a diversity of opinions and insights.
  • You work well in teams and seek solutions collaboratively.
  • You have a strong proficiency in English.

Tuition fee

For South Africans, the approximate fee to sign up for a postgraduate diploma is R70 000.  The fee for foreign students is set by UCT’s International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO.)  Students are required to pay 50% of their fees within a month of registering, and the balance by June that same year.   Fees cover your tuition costs. You will need additional funding to cover accommodation and living expenses. 

Diploma details can be found on the links below.

  • BUS1036F/S Evidence-Based Management (the foundation course for all 1st year Commerce students)
  • BUS1004F Introduction to Strategy and Marketing (an elective course offered to non-Commerce and Semester Study abroad students)
  • BUS3038S Introduction to Project Management (an elective course for Business science, Bachelor of Commerce students and Postgraduate Diploma in Management students)
  • BUS3095S Social Impact Enterprise (a highly specialised elective course for Business science, Bachelor of Commerce students and Postgraduate Diploma in Management students)
  • BUS4050W Strategic Thinking (the capstone course taken by all Business Science students in their final, graduating year

Semester Study Abroad students are welcome to register for all courses above, except for BUS4050W, subject to the availability of space on the courses. BUS1036F/S is offered online to all students.


We are the home department of the Bachelor of Commerce in Management Studies and also offer four Postgraduate Diplomas in Management in four specialisations: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sport Management, and from 2017, in Business Communication.